Costa Rica, here we come!

When our now-16-year-old grandson was 12, my partner and I took him on an adventure to Morocco. We had visited the country a couple of years earlier, loved it and vowed to return. In the meantime, a friend had moved there, so this seemed like the right time to go back, and Max was keen to come with us.

It was a big trip for him in every way – first plane ride, first extended time away from home, first time seeing the ocean and, of course, first time being immersed in a culture very different from anything he knew in Ontario.

We loved having this chance to get to know one of our grandsons far away from his parents and the distractions of all of our everyday lives. He was a great traveller and lapped up the opportunities the trip presented.

Naturally, upon our return, his younger brother asked whether he could go on a trip when he was 12, and I said yes. (I seldom say no to my grandsons, I have to admit. Luckily, so far, they have not asked me anything completely outrageous.)

We began discussing possible destinations almost immediately and, two years ago, settled on Costa Rica. For various reasons, this trip will just be the two of us, so I decided to book with a tour, giving over responsibility for the logistical details to the professionals.

G Adventures promises small group (no more than 16 people) adventure travel, which is perfect for an active 12-year-old and his not quite so active 63-year-old grandmother. He can enjoy the excitement of activities like zip lining while I keep my two feet firmly planted on the ground, and together we can swim in waterfalls, check out the volcanos and watch for wildlife and birds in the jungle and rainforest.

After all the dreaming and planning, we are about to be on our way, so you won’t be hearing from me for the next two weeks. My usual twice weekly posts will recommence on February 2nd.

5 thoughts on “Costa Rica, here we come!

  1. Have a great time~! I have the same weakness when it comes to grandsons and look forward to trips with them one on one but am glad for now that their parents are cool with me coming along on fascinating trips to Sri Lanka and Jordan. Oh the places you’ll see…. 🙂 (when you have grandchildren to see them with ….) Was that how it goes? Take the zipline Pam. You just need to ride~!!

  2. Those boys lucked out when they got you for a grandmother, Pam. And not just because you take them to faraway, exotic places. Have lots of fun and adventures and forget about all the foolishness going on up here.

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